Confirming output of 3dGroupInCorr

Dear AFNI experts,

I ran the following command:

-batch XYZ TPJ.txt
-setA G1_RestingState.grpincorr.niml
-setB G2_RestingState.grpincorr.niml
-seedrad 5
-covariates Covariates_IRIec.txt

I am interested in looking at brain areas that are significantly correlated with the connectivity pattern in the temporoparietal junction as well as a subscale of the IRI (interpersonal reactivity index) to determine whether there are changes in connectivity patterns between my two groups that are correlated with differences in IRI scores.

Based on a previous post (,144392,144392#msg-144392), if I am understanding correctly, I need to look at the intersection (perhaps via a conjunction) of the G1_RestingState_IRI_ec-G2_RestingState_IRI_ec and G1_RestingState_IRI_ec-G2_RestingState_IRI_ecNC.

Is this correct?

Thank you very much,


Hi Isabelle,

The main output of the 3dGroupInCorr command should have
one test for the group difference of the mean correlations
and one test for the covariate, I believe. Are you looking
for brain areas that show significance in both cases then?

  • rick

Hi Rick,

I would like to know if there is a difference between my two groups in connectivity pattern between my seed and the rest of the brain that is modulated by IRI scores. Does this make sense? Would looking at the conjunction of the two maps answer this question?

Thank you!


Hi Isabelle,

This sounds like the modulation result of the main group
comparison, which would mean you do not have to do
anything special.

Maybe Gang or someone else reads it differently.

  • rick