compute map of local homogeneity


I am interested in computing a map of the local homogeneity of the time series, i.e. some kind of spatial correlation, within the voxel’s neighbourhood.

I had a look to several programs such as 3dReHo (but it does not fit my purposes because it does rank ordering), 3dLocalStat (which is not appropriate for 3D+time dataset) or 3dLFCD (but it only returns the number of voxels exceeding a given value of correlation). I think none of them does what I need.

Any recommendation or suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Cesar,

To be sure, do you want to correlate each voxel with its local neighborhood, radially? If so, that is what @radial_correlate does. It has fast, Gaussian methods, as well as a slow 3dLocalStat method. If there is an aspect where the correlation is restricted to good ones, this does not do it.

Does that do what you want?

  • rick