Cluster mask has too many voxels


I am trying to run 3dROIstats for an ROI analysis, but both the masks I am giving it appear to have far more voxels than my data (583968 compared to 172800). The masks originally were from ALE analyses, but at this point are converted to cluster mask format [fbuc:1]. When I look at their 3dinfo, they are much larger files than other masks I have successfully used. In afni the only non-zero values I see for these ROI masks are the clusters, but obviously something is going on. Does anyone have any ideas of what is happening or how to convert them into a typical cluster mask format that is suitable for 3dROIstats?

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Of course ten minutes after I posted this I figured out that I needed to resample the cluster maps so they were in the same resolution as my functional data…

Great! :slight_smile:

  • rick