Changing Brik's statistical type

Dear AFNI,

I calculated a correlation using 3dTcorr1d, then converted the r values to z values using 3dcalc. The statistical map themselves look correct: the voxels contain values that are reasonable z values. However the AFNI GUI thinks these are still r values insofar as the threshold slider has “corr” written at the top, and only gives me the options of thresholding between 0 and +/-1 (appropriate for r but not z values). This prevents me from properly visualizing significant results and (more importantly) from clusterizing with z thresholds above 1. How may I edit the BRIK file to either change its type to a z statistic, or remove any restriction altogether? Or, is there some other option I can use during 3dcalc of which I am not aware?

I did later see that I can convert r values z values with an extra command line option during 3dTcorr1d, but I still would prefer to know how to change this on my own moving forward, if possible. Thanks! (:smiley:

Just a quick comment on this, Nathan.

The afni GUI does not limit values to [-1,1] because of
the data, that is controlled via the power-of-10 box
below the threshold slider. In the box next to ‘**’,
change 0 to 1, for example, and the threshold now
goes up to 10^1.

  • rick