Censoring specific volumes

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to use afni_proc to censor specific volumes instead of using their build in censoring threshold. I am also wondering if there’s a way to record how much volumes it is censoring.

Thanks in advance for any advice/ideas!


You can use -regress_censor_extern to provide an external censor file to use instead of or in addition to either motion or outlier censoring.
The file must match what would be applied in the linear regression step (e.g. taking -tcat_remove_first_trs into account, and being 0/1 binary). This single columnar file should have 1 for time points that are to be kept, and 0 for those to be censored out.

The final output of the proc script (and the APQC HTML report) shows the number of time points censored, along with related statistics, as the output of @ss_review_basic.

  • rick