CA_ML_18_MNIA atlas ROI name list


I am using ‘CA_ML_18_MNIA’ atlas for my analysis.
I could find ‘MNIa_caez_ml_18+tlrc.’ file from the afni and ran ‘3dinfo’ to check how many ROI this atlas has.

Dataset File: MNIa_caez_ml_18+tlrc
Identifier Code: AFN_BtpG7XnhUGbf2-vZfx6umQ Creation Date: Tue Jun 14 13:57:42 2011
Template Space: MNI_ANAT
Dataset Type: Spoiled GRASS (-spgr)
Byte Order: LSB_FIRST [this CPU native = LSB_FIRST]
Storage Mode: BRIK
Storage Space: 4,371,752 (4.4 million [mega]) bytes
Geometry String: “MATRIX(-1,0,0,75,0,-1,0,115,0,0,1,-63):151,188,154”
Data Axes Tilt: Plumb
Data Axes Orientation:
first (x) = Left-to-Right
second (y) = Posterior-to-Anterior
third (z) = Inferior-to-Superior [-orient LPI]
R-to-L extent: -75.000 [R] -to- 75.000 [L] -step- 1.000 mm [151 voxels]
A-to-P extent: -72.000 [A] -to- 115.000 [P] -step- 1.000 mm [188 voxels]
I-to-S extent: -63.000 [I] -to- 90.000 [S] -step- 1.000 mm [154 voxels]
Number of values stored at each pixel = 1
– At sub-brick #0#0’ datum type is byte: 0 to 116

This means that this atlas has 116 ROI and also when I extract ROIs from this atlas, I can get 116 ROIs as well.

Now I am trying to find ROI name, so I ran ‘whereami -atlas CA_ML_18_MNIA -show_atlas_code’.

But this provides me only 115 ROIs.

----------- Begin regions for CA_ML_18_MNIA atlas-----------
l:Left Precentral Gyrus:1
r:Right Precentral Gyrus:2
l:Left Superior Frontal Gyrus:3
r:Right Superior Frontal Gyrus:4
l:Left Superior Orbital Gyrus:5
r:Right Superior Orbital Gyrus:6
l:Left Middle Frontal Gyrus:7
r:Right Middle Frontal Gyrus:8
l:Left Middle Orbital Gyrus:9
r:Right Middle Orbital Gyrus:10
l:Left Inferior Frontal Gyrus (p. Opercularis):11
r:Right Inferior Frontal Gyrus (p. Opercularis):12
l:Left Inferior Frontal Gyrus (p. Triangularis):13
r:Right Inferior Frontal Gyrus (p. Triangularis):14
l:Left Inferior Frontal Gyrus (p. Orbitalis):15
r:Right Inferior Frontal Gyrus (p. Orbitalis):16
l:Left Rolandic Operculum:17
r:Right Rolandic Operculum:18
l:Left SMA:19
r:Right SMA:20
l:Left Olfactory cortex:21
r:Right Olfactory cortex:22
l:Left Superior Medial Gyrus:23
r:Right Superior Medial Gyrus:24
l:Left Mid Orbital Gyrus:25
r:Right Mid Orbital Gyrus:26
l:Left Rectal Gyrus:27
r:Right Rectal Gyrus:28
l:Left Insula Lobe:29
r:Right Insula Lobe:30
l:Left Anterior Cingulate Cortex:31
r:Right Anterior Cingulate Cortex:32
l:Left Middle Cingulate Cortex:33
r:Right Middle Cingulate Cortex:34
l:Left Posterior Cingulate Cortex:35
r:Right Posterior Cingulate Cortex:36
l:Left Hippocampus:37
r:Right Hippocampus:38
l:Left ParaHippocampal Gyrus:39
r:Right ParaHippocampal Gyrus:40
l:Left Amygdala:41
r:Right Amygdala:42
l:Left Calcarine Gyrus:43
r:Right Calcarine Gyrus:44
l:Left Cuneus:45
r:Right Cuneus:46
l:Left Lingual Gyrus:47
r:Right Lingual Gyrus:48
l:Left Superior Occipital Gyrus:49
r:Right Superior Occipital Gyrus:50
l:Left Middle Occipital Gyrus:51
r:Right Middle Occipital Gyrus:52
l:Left Inferior Occipital Gyrus:53
r:Right Inferior Occipital Gyrus:54
l:Left Fusiform Gyrus:55
r:Right Fusiform Gyrus:56
l:Left Postcentral Gyrus:57
r:Right Postcentral Gyrus:58
l:Left Superior Parietal Lobule:59
r:Right Superior Parietal Lobule:60
l:Left Inferior Parietal Lobule:61
r:Right Inferior Parietal Lobule:62
l:Left SupraMarginal Gyrus:63
r:Right SupraMarginal Gyrus:64
l:Left Angular Gyrus:65
r:Right Angular Gyrus:66
l:Left Precuneus:67
r:Right Precuneus:68
l:Left Paracentral Lobule:69
r:Right Paracentral Lobule:70
l:Left Caudate Nucleus:71
r:Right Caudate Nucleus:72
l:Left Putamen:73
r:Right Putamen:74
l:Left Pallidum:75
r:Right Pallidum:76
l:Left Thalamus:77
r:Right Thalamus:78
l:Left Heschls Gyrus:79
r:Right Heschls Gyrus:80
l:Left Superior Temporal Gyrus:81
r:Right Superior Temporal Gyrus:82
l:Left Temporal Pole:83
r:Right Temporal Pole:84
l:Left Middle Temporal Gyrus:85
r:Right Middle Temporal Gyrus:86
l:Left Medial Temporal Pole:87
r:Right Medial Temporal Pole:88
l:Left Inferior Temporal Gyrus:89
r:Right Inferior Temporal Gyrus:90
l:Left Cerebellum (Crus 1):91
r:Right Cerebellum (Crus 1):92
l:Left Cerebellum (Crus 2):93
r:Right Cerebellum (Crus 2):94
l:Left Cerebellum (III):95
r:Right Cerebellum (III):96
l:Left Cerebellum (IV-V):97
r:Right Cerebellum (IV-V):98
l:Left Cerebellum (VI):99
r:Right Cerebellum (VI):100
l:Left Cerebellum (VII):101
r:Right Cerebellum (VII):102
l:Left Cerebellum (VIII):103
r:Right Cerebellum (VIII):104
l:Left Cerebellum (IX):105
r:Right Cerebellum (IX):106
l:Left Cerebellum (X):107
r:Right Cerebellum (X):108
u:Cerebellar Vermis (1/2):109
u:Cerebellar Vermis (3):110
u:Cerebellar Vermis (4/5):111
u:Cerebellar Vermis (6):112
u:Cerebellar Vermis (7):113
u:Cerebellar Vermis (8):114
u:Cerebellar Vermis (9):115

This is not matched with 116 ROIs from 3dinfo

Am I missing something?


The missing region appears to be “Cerebellar Vermis (10)” at the index value of 116. Thanks for letting me know. I will be updating the MPM atlas to the 2.2 version next week, and I will try to take care of this too. Thanks!