Bug? Empty qc_02_mot_enormoutlr.jpg

Hi everyone I noticed a problem when running QC (afni_proc option html_review_style pythonic) it is not visualizing qc_02_mot_enormoutlr.jpg and the image is actually an empty file on disk. I am using afni version 19.1.11


Hi, Francesco-

Hmm, having an empty file there (so, a file is created, but it is 0 bytes?) is odd.

Do you have an output.* file, that "tee"s the processing stream when you run it? That is, either using the “-execute” option, where one is made automatically, as described here:

-execute                : execute the created processing script

            If this option is applied, not only will the processing script be
            created, but it will then be executed in the "suggested" manner,
            such as via:

                tcsh -xef proc.sb23 |& tee output.proc.sb23

            Note that it will actually use the bash format of the command,
            since the system command (C and therefore python) uses /bin/sh.

                tcsh -xef proc.sb23 2>&1 | tee output.proc.sb23

… or by manually executing the script in a similar way descibed there as well, with “… tee output.NAME …”? If you do, you can search for the name of that file, and see what error message is being produced when it is trying to be made. For example, it is possible that Python’s matplotlib might not exist on your computer?

And are any other files missing form the QC HTML?


Great all solved! It was indeed an issue with matplotlib I guess the package was broken at some point and I needed to do a fresh install. Now it is all working fine.
Thank you again!