Breaking up cluster by anatomy


I ran 3dMVM and for one of my results, the activation spans across several areas of the PFC as a single cluster. We want to separate this cluster by the anatomical regions. In my lab, we have previously created a mask using existing AFNI ROIs (e.g. in the AFNI GUI selecting Define DataMode PluginDraw dataset…etc); however, I am not sure whether this would be appropriate as the atlas I have used is not listed as an option (I used SSwarper and used the MNI152_2009_template_SSW.nii.gz). If I wanted to break up my cluster based on the anatomical regions, how can I do this? I appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

Thank you very much.


The template is not an atlas, and doesn’t provide any segmentation. Use one of the atlases that is in MNI space, and that will be in some correspondence with that template.