I was wondering if the NIMH was planning on resurrecting the AFNI bootcamp at some point? I’m trying to learn the fundamentals of various MRI analyses, and it would be really helpful in that regard!


Hi, Sam-

We would like to do so, but this has been put on hold at present due to Covid. The omicron surge seems to be reducing in many places, so hopefully we will be able to start these up in person within a reasonable time frame. I am afraid there is just too much uncertainty at present, other than to say we aim to do so as soon as we can do so safely.

In the meantime, we do have many online recordings of Bootcamp lectures, which can provide some good startup content—these are available on the AFNI Academy channel here:
The subset of talks most like those of hte Bootcamp are here:
We were able to record more in-depth talks on some topics, which are shown in the other, topic-based playlists, if you have the time.

There are also a couple other previous sets of Bootcamp recordings here:
… though I would stick with the more modern Bootcamp recording when there are overlaps, for seeing the latest programs/tools/thoughts.

And here are some other talks from several NIH groups, which we participate in, about broader topics: