Best way to install AFNI for multiple users?


Currently, the Ubuntu instructions specify installing AFNI in the user’s home directory. But what if I want to install it for multiple users? What would be the best way?

Thank you.

I usually place it in /usr/local/abin so that all users can access it.

The advantage of each user installing it in their own home directory is that they can then be in charge of when updates are installed. We generally recommend using the most recent version whenever possible, so perhaps this is less of an issue.

Thanks for the reply.

So what would be the best way to know when a new version has been released?

You can run @update.afni.binaries -d

This can be done as a cron on most systems. You can decide if you want that daily, weekly, monthly. AFNI updates happen with some regularity - which could mean daily or weekly.

Great. Thanks!

Just to add a tangentially related comment:

In terms of keeping pace with current versions of AFNI, we tend to have rolling updates with minor fixes, additions, and new programs; please see here for more description:,150310,150323#msg-150323
The NIH cluster checks for updates daily; that might be faster apace than you want, but probably oftener is betterer.

In terms of staying abreast of specific new features and updates, we would strongly recommend AFNI users to subscribe to the Digest, which is sent out at a rate of approx. once every 1-2 weeks. We point out new features, large changes to existing programs, papers of interest, etc. Sign up is described here:,154890,154890#msg-154890