bandpass filtering task-based data .. outside of afniproc?


I am preparing to do connectivity analyses using task-based data that was pre-processed using fmriprep and then smoothed and scaled in afni.

Similar to resting-state analyses, I would like to clean the data using GLMs and then use the corresponding “errts” datasets. I would like to censor, bandpass filter, model nuisance regressors (e.g., motion parameters), and model periods of “non-interest” from the task (e.g., blocks of non-interest, interblock intervals… using onset times and block response functions). I am familiar with how to do these steps using 3dDeconvolve with the exception of bandpass filtering. In the afniproc help file it says -regress_bandpass performs bandpass filtering in 3dDeconvolve — would it be possible for me to implement something like this in my 3ddeconvolve script? Or use 3dTproject in combination with 3ddeconvolve? Any insight into how to implement bandpass filtering alongside censoring & modeling periods of non-interest would be much appreciated.