B-) AFNI Bootcamp announcement: at NIH campus, Nov. 4-8, 2019 B-)


The next AFNI Bootcamp at NIH will have its main session running Nov. 4-8, and there is an optional/alternative DTIsession on Nov. 8 (note that it is Friday this time).

There is no registration fee for the Bootcamp, but attendees must pay all their own expenses (e.g., lodging, travel, food, fancy coffees).

The registration page is here:
along with preliminary schedules and logistic information.



Will you share any resources from this bootcamp? Because I live in Turkey and I cant attend this event. But , I extremely want to learn useful tricks of AFNI and want to understand every step of analyzing.


Hi, Abdullah-

The website contains a lot of helpful information, including tutorials with scripts to run, complementing the Bootcamp courses:

In particular, you can find recordings of previous Bootcamps under this Educational section:
…under both “AFNI Bootcamp Lecture Recordings” and “(Useful) Outside lectures” (the latter containing both Bootcamp teaching at MIT and a set of summer course lectures from a neighboring group at NIH about lots of brain imaging things).

I encourage you to check those out.



  Thanks for the reply. I am appreciated.