@auto_tlrc issue

I’m having issues running @auto_tlrc on a new laptop (never had this issue before). In the attached screenshot, there is a list of files created before it stops

this is what I’m running in my script:
@auto_tlrc -apar …/$sub/$sub.struc_al+tlrc -input $sub.memory.cat.STbeta.+orig -dxyz 2.5

The messages that I see in the terminal:
++ Wrote bucket dataset into ./6475.memory.cat.STbeta.+orig.BRIK

  • created 1 FDR curves in bucket header
    ++ Wrote 3D+time dataset into ./fitts.6475.pic.cat+orig.BRIK
    ++ Program finished; elapsed time=29.220
    Applying tlrc warp from …/LANG_6475/6475.struc_al+tlrc to 6475.memory.cat.STbeta.+orig …
    Padding the input data before warping
    ++ 3dZeropad: AFNI version=AFNI_19.3.09 (Oct 25 2019) [64-bit]
    ++ output dataset: ./__ats_tmp__ipad+orig.BRIK
    Creating grid at (2.5 2.5 2.5)mm RAI resolution…
    Direct warping per parent transform (cubic interpolation) …
    ++ 3dWarp: AFNI version=AFNI_19.3.09 (Oct 25 2019) [64-bit]
    ++ Authored by: RW Cox
    then: then/endif not found.

thank you!

Hi, ns-

I think that there was a bug in @Align_Centers that was added recently and then squashed shortly thereafter that caused that; it is possible you are unlucky enough to have an AFNI version in that window. What is your “afni -ver” at present, and does updating your binaries (“@update.afni.binaries -d”) remove that bad behavior?


The version that I had was AFNI_19.3.09 (Nero).

With the binaries update, everything works smoothly.

thanks much!

Great, glad that sorted things.