Approaches to subdivide cortical layers

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I’m wonder if there are some approaches that could subdivide cortical layers according to its cortical depth (e.g. depth based on the interface between grey matter and white matter). For example, I have a high-resolution anatomical image and a V2 mask, I’m going to separate V2 into superficial, middle and deep layers. Would it be possible to do this kind of analysis with AFNI?

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Hi Sarah,

Yes, there are multiple approaches on how to get estimates of cortical depths with AFNI tools.
E.g. identifying voxels of a given cortical depth with 3dSurf2Vol using Freesurfer GM and WM surfaces as input. Note the arguments –f_p1_fr and -f_pn_fr that defines the range of cortical depth.

See a full example here: (go to point 4.) )

Daniel Glen also developed a set of new tools on estimations of cortical thickness that can be used to obtained estimates of cortical depths referred to in his HBM poster ([/url]) and here: [url=] Maybe they are of interest too?

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