Announcing ABCD-ReproNim Course

Want to hone your AFNI skills on ABCD data?

Announcing has gone live with details about our upcoming course on Reproducible Analyses of #ABCDStudy. TA applications due Aug 14, student applications due Aug 21. is the largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the US. The ABCD-ReproNim Course was designed to provide a comprehensive background to #ABCD while delivering hands-on instruction on reproducible @ReproNim workflows and outcomes. Our 13-week Online Course starts Oct 16 and Project Week is scheduled for March 8-12, 2021. Participants may join as Observer or Enrolled students. There are no registration fees, and the course will be fully virtual and include both synchronous and asynchronous activities. All materials will be open and accessible. Syllabus is here:

If you have further questions, is an email contact dedicated to the course.