ANATICOR warning when generating processing scripts from

Hi there, I’ve always gotten a specific ANATICOR warning when generating my processing scripts from I just want to confirm that this warning is just a default, and not thrown because there are any detected issues.

** WARNING: ANATICOR output now includes zero volumes at
censor points, matching fast ANATICOR and
non-ANATICOR cases

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jessie,

Back in July 2015, I altered ANATICOR usage to include volumes of zero at censored time points in the errts results, This matches what one would get using 3dDeconvolve, say (the residuals are zero at those time points) and keeps the input and output datasets at the same length, which is what one would normally expect from a regression step.

This does not affect a correlation computation for that subject (as those errts are mean=zero time series). But it would affect other analyses, such as correlations across subjects or across different sessions, or post-regression steps like ICA. So what is appropriate depends on what you plan to do (of course).

Does that seem reasonable?

  • rick