an error in "3dSkullStrip"

Dear Senior Engineers,

When I am using “3dSkullStrip”, the error message comes out:
– Error 3dSkullStrip (SUMA_3dSkullStrip.c:1326):
Too few parameters. Use 3dSkullStrip for details

But I can still run the program and get the result.
How do I fix this error? And this error will affect the accuracy of my result?



What was the exact command you entered?


I entered the command: -anat ANA_co_2.nii.gz -epi FMRI_8.nii -epi_base 5.
The program “” sutomatically execute “3dSkullStrip” for me,
and then when “3dSkullStrip” was running, the error happened, the following is what it showed:

– Error SUMA_LoadPrepInVol (SUMA_BrainWrap.c:77):
98 percentile is 0!
What kind of dataset is this?
– Error 3dSkullStrip (SUMA_3dSkullStrip.c:2019):
Failed to load/prep volume
** ERROR: Could not strip skull


Try using “-epi_strip 3dAutomask” instead.