Alternative option of censoring in afni_proc

Dear AFNI expert,

I wanna try dynamic functional connectivity analysis on rs-fMRI data, but i realise that the censoring step will influence the intactness of temporal structure. So i thought interpolation could be a good choice for the vacant value of censored volumes, but i found that did not provide aan alternative choice to specify the “CENMODE” which default is supposed to “ZERO”. Is it okay to interpolate these zero values on further steps? Please share your advice, thanks a lot for your attention!


Hi Jack,

I have not thought about this enough to know whether it is okay for me to just add an option to do this in 3dTproject. Maybe. The QC functionality that surrounds the errts time series treats it as censored, and ignores those censored time points. So if -cenmode NTRP were applied, maybe it would not affect anything else.

Note that having ZERO volumes is fine for computing correlation. But it does not work when correlating across subjects, if you are doing such a thing.

What are your next steps that require the interpolated data?

  • rick

Hi rick,

Thanks for your reply. Indeed, the reason that i wanna add “NTRP” is to assure the intactness of temporal structrure, so i can using slidding-window method to analysis dynamic fc, i am not sure it is still work when some of the time points is censered to zero or even ‘killed’.