All Binaries Are Missing in macOS ICC Build

Today (6/6/2017), I tried to update my AFNI (macosx_10.10_icc) on my Mac 10.12 via @update.afni.binaries -d. The update script just deleted my old installation and left an error about can’t set afni. So, I downloaded the macosx_10.10_icc.tgz file from AFNI’s site. But, I found that it contained no binaries and it was dated 5/15/2017. It was the same for macosx_10.8_icc.tgz This is quite frustrated.
I read the newly revised instruction on how to install AFNI on macOS. The default AFNI package for macOS becomes macosx_10.7_local.tgz So, other macOS builds are not being maintained anymore?

Those systems are simply not up for some reason, I am
not sure why right now. The older packages are back in
place, but they are from about a month ago. What version
do you still have (check ~/abin/auto_backup.*), if you still
have one?

  • rick

The last two versions I had was 5/3 and 3/5 for 10.10 ICC build.

I am using 10.7 Local build now, which works fine.
I am wondering how much performance gained by using ICC build comparing to GCC or local build?

May I suggest AFNI team to maintain three Mac builds at a time, like most software companies?
Alpha(Fast), Beta(Slow), Stable(Release)
Alpha can be optimized for 10.12 and complied by ICC.
Beta can be optimized for 10.10 and complied by GCC.
Stable is for 10.8 and local.
By the way, Apple has drop support for macOS 10.9 and earlier.

Similar strategy can be applied to Linux platform.
Alpha can be optimized for Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit by ICC.
Beta can be optimized for CentOS 6 64-bit by GCC.
Stable can be static build for CentOS 5 32-bit. ← Good for VM as well
CentOS 5 is not supported and maintained now.

For Windows, there is only Alpha build since Bash on Ubuntu 16.04 is only available in the latest Windows 10 Creators Update.