Aligning low-ish quality rCBF and T1 data


I have an AFNeed that I am unable to provide to myself.

I would like to use to align a not-so-hot blood-perfusion-weighted brain volume to a pretty nice high-res T1. I’ve tried various permutations of:
[li] cost functions from 3dAllineate
[/li][li] large move options
[/li][li] the ‘edge’ approach
[/li][li] aligning to the higher contrast labeled or unlabeled scans that are subtracted to obtain the perfusion volume

…but all to no avail…

Have you faced the rCBF-to-anat challenge? If so, any tips?

See attached montage of unlabeled data (they are well registered with the rCBF maps and have high contrast relative to the rCBF maps) if you’d like to get a better sense for the challenging aspects of these data.

This doesn’t look too bad. I’d be happy to take a look if you would like to upload some data. I will PM you with upload instructions.