afni viewer issue

Hi AFNI experts,

This is a trivial (but annoying) problem that I am sure has a very simple solution, and yet I cannot find it . Whenever I switch the underlay (to the anatomical image) in afni viewer, it also changes the overlay; and when I change the overlay (to a functional image), the underlay also changes. Previously, I was able to separately select underlay (as anatomical) and overlay (as functional). Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

ETA: I realized that the problem is the image I am look at is in +orig, not +tlrc. Now I have a second question. In actuality, this image is in +tlrc space, as it is the results from 3dLMEr analysis. Is there a way to tell AFNI that this file is actually in +tlrc space?

ETA again: Never mind, I solved it, using: 3drefit -space TLRC -view tlrc . Case closed!

What is the actual file name of the 3dLMEr output that should be in +tlrc space?

  • rick