AFNI slow to start

hi all

Ever since I upgraded OS X to 10.12 AFNI has started much more slowly than it used to (I have also upgraded AFNI to the most recent version). All the windows flicker a lot and change positions and so it takes about 5 seconds before it can be used. Of course this isn’t a super long time and I could deal with it but this also affects some other functions. For instance, watching a ‘video’ of the data by clicking v in the graph viewer now takes about 1 second per frame, which is quite a bit slower than it used to be and is a problem because I have 100+ datasets to watch. More generally any change in AFNI windows takes much longer than it used to. I can upload a video of what I am talking about if that would help, but I was just wondering if anyone else had encountered and/or solved this.

I don’t imagine this is an AFNI problem but some other library it relies on to draw the windows…just hoping someone can tell me which one and what I can do to fix it.

thanks in advance.


Hi James,

At first I wondered if you had a .afni_startup_script in that
directory (hence the windows moving around), but if it relates
to the 1 s per time point in video mode, it seems more likely
that you are working off of a mounted file system that is slow
due to network competition.

Test it on local data, if possible. Or is it already?

  • rick

hi Rick

I tried to respond to this before but maybe I wasn’t logged in? In any case, I moved the .afni.startup_script out of my home directory and that solved everything…thanks for the help!


That is good to hear, thanks!

I think the reason your other post did not go through
is because of a fast “post” click after a copy-and-paste.
I think the interface requires you to wait a few seconds
(it shows a countdown), to block robots.


  • rick

ah, that’s smart. I just wanted to add that I noticed that if I am looking at the data in video mode it is a lot slower if all three view windows are open. While I get that of course drawing to three windows takes more processing than drawing to one window, I’m still surprised that there would be any effect…I’m on a quad core imac with 16 GB RAM.

Do you find that you have this sort of slowdown? Again, not sure if this is an AFNI thing or whether there is something wrong with my configuration. It’s not a big deal either way though.