and -acf option

Hi AFNI Experts,

I am planning on running, and was wondering if the 3dFWHMx/3dClustSim "-acf "(or -ACF) option is automatically applied, or if it needs to be specified? I couldn’t find the -acf option when I searched the help page for

If it needs to be specified, would it be after a command like this: “-regress_blur_errts -acf” ?

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Hi Danny,

That should be the default now, after getting both
FWHM and ACF from 3dFWHMx. You can select
what you want using -regress_run_clustsim METHOD,
where METHOD should be one of:
ACF, FWHM, both, no.

This requires version 5.xx, something
dated at least August 15.

  • rick

Great, thank you!