afni_proc not producing xmat or stats.* file

I have been trying to run the proc.FT script produced by, but my output folder does not contain an xmat.1D file or any stats.* files. When I look inside the proc.FT script, I can see 3dDeconvolve with the settings -fout -tout -x1D X.xmat.1D and also -bucket stats.$subj.

Aren’t these commands supposed to create the xmat and stats.* output? Why does my results folder not contain these files?


Hi Nick,

I expect this means you are doing a resting state
analysis, and the command contains -x1D_stop
(which says not to proceed).

But it should still produce the X-matrix.

If it really does not produce the X-matrix, then
I expect it is resting state with censoring and
band passing, and your subject moved too much
and wiped out all of the degrees of freedom.

In that case there should be a 3dDeconvolve.err
file whining about it.

  • rick