AFNI Installation

Hi AFNI users,

I am installing AFNI on mac (10.12.4) but constantly facing error massage. All steps look fine until the 5th step (Set up AFNI/SUMA profiles automatically), when I type the command suma -update_env for SUMA, terminal says ‘command not found’. And, typing -check_all for 7th step (EVALUATE THE SETUP: an important and useful step in this process!!) also shows ‘command not found’. So I can’t use AFNI. Can you please let me know what is the problem?

Thank you,

You have to set the “path” to find AFNI commands in your environment. If you have followed the instructions, you may have to start a new terminal, logout and log back in or “source” your bash or tcsh resource configuration file to update the path.

To give us a little more information, would you try
running the system check again, assuming that
it is in your home abin directory:

~/abin/ -check_all

  • rick

Sorry, since I am so confused with the installation process, I can hardly understand what you said. Can you please describe how can I set the path to find AFNI command in my environment? Thank you for your help!