AFNI installation guide should be more pronounced in encouraging users to build from source on M1 macs

Thank you for providing constant updates to this great software!

I am on MacOS 13.4 on Mac using ARM architecture, and I have an installed ARM distribution on R

I updated my afni installation according to this guide 1.1.11. macOS, 12+ (Apple Silicon: M1, M2, …) — AFNI, SUMA and FATCAT: v23.1.08

The instalation was without problems, but unfortunately I weren't able to run some script due to AFNI being x64 and my R being arm64; after deleting installation and compiling from source everything run smoothly;

I would like to ask for update of the documentation, it would save my time (more encouragement of building from source for those who usr arm-native R will be enough)

Another issue:
the line used to list make file

ls Makefile.macosx*

should change to
ls Makefile.macos*

the previous command doesn't list some of the newest makefiles,
MacOSX changed its name 7 years ago :)

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Yes, those instructions still refer to using the 10.12_local binary package, and we will make a more current version soon. Clearly those HOWTO links are ancient. I will just remove access to them.

For now, the best instructions are in: OS_notes.macos_12_x86_64_a_admin.txt and b_user.txt at

While those refer to x86_64, the only place it actually matters is in choosing the -package parameter for the command, to apply the correct Makefile.

Thanks for bringing this up,

  • rick
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