AFNI Function For Contrasts

Typically I carry out contrasts with 3dDeconvolve’s with the gltsym option. I know I can conduct operations like 1 sampled t test and paired sample test with 3dttest but what if I need to combine sets? To illustrate what I mean by this lets say I have two tasks each with fast and slow trials. For each condition (TaskA_Fast, TaskA_Slow, TaskB_Fast, & TaskB_Slow) I have beta series correlation maps (fisher z transformed) for each of my subjects. One of my goals is to contrast TaskA and TaskB collapsing across speed (+1 AF +1 AS -1 BF -1 BS). What AFNI function can I use to do this? Also, I figure I can use one of AFNI’s ANOVA (in the case described 3dANOVA2 since it has two factors) functions to get at this question (simple look at main effect of task).

If your goal is to perform group analysis for those 4 conditions with a 2 x 2 cross-classified structure, you can use 3dANOVA3 -type 4 to collapse the way you want, not 3dANOVA2.

Understood thanks for your help