AFNI fails to open CSFtimeseries.1D

I have been using AFNI on my Desktop (Running Ubuntu 18.04) and Virtual Machine (also running Ubuntu 18.04) for a long time. Recently I installed AFNI on my Laptop (running Ubuntu 18.04 as well). I use the same dataset and same script on all the machines but my laptop sometimes fails to read the CSFtimeseries.1D. It happens randomly and happens for the same data each time. But it runs perfectly on other machines without any problem. I tried the “ -check_all” and it shows no problem. Everything is the same on all the machines. I really can’t figure out what seems to be the problem.

What exact error message are you getting in those instances?


FATAL ERROR: “3dDeconvolve dies: Unable to read time series file: CSFtimeseries.1D”

Hmm, OK. And does the CSF*.1D file exist, or not? (that determines a bit more where the problem might be.)

Are you running and getting this, or something else?

And I guess there are different version numbers for AFNI on the different machines?


It exist. It runs smoothly for other data of same dataset but only fails sometimes for some data. I am running a script containing a series of commands. The versions are same on all the machines.

Would you mind sending us the file? You should be able to
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  • rick