AFNI Digest: invitation to sign-up

Dear AFNI users-

We are starting a new “AFNI Digest” email list, in order to be able to communicate important events within the AFNI-centric processing world.

What the Digest is:
We anticipate the AFNI Digest traffic to be roughly one email per week or month.
The content will include developments or changes within the AFNI realm that we deem large enough for wide dissemination.
We will also broadcast things like Bootcamp info; installation and build instruction changes; processing commentary; and perhaps dollops of humor.

What the Digest is not:
It is not a replacement for the Message Board (“MB”)-- specific code updates will still be advertised there, and the full history of changes will still be maintained in its usual online place. The digest is for announcing only the highest level changes.
It is not a listserv to reply to or query (the MB is for that).
It will not fight the germs that cause bad breath.

To sign up for the Digest:
Please go here.
Then enter your name and preferred email address (default “regular” subscription type should be fine, since emails will be in low-traffic digest form already), after which you will receive a confirmation request email to verify your registration.

You may opt in or out at any time. You may also forward this to friends, colleagues and enemies, inviting them to join the AFNI Digest.