afni -bysub does not appear to work


I’m trying to invoke afni using the -bysub argument to read in a bids dataset of my creation.

I’m running afni as follows

afni -bysub sub-117 - ./

In this case ./ contains the derivative/sub-XXX/ses-YYY/{anat,func}/sub-xxx_ses-YYY_{T1w,task-rs_bold}.nii.gz files.

Afni complains as follows and only shows the MNI brain with apparently no datasets read in:

$ afni -bysub sub-117 - ./
** AFNI terminates: I am not a number-- I am a free program!!  [787/895]

Precompiled binary linux_ubuntu_16_64: Apr 14 2022 (Version AFNI_22.1.03 'Antoninus Pius')

** Version check disabled: AFNI_VERSION_CHECK forbids
Thanks go to S Amara for much encouragement

Initializing: X11[The X.Org Foundation v 12013000].. Widgets...... Input files:[bysub/BIDS]find: warning: you have specified the global option -depth after the argument -type, but global options are not positional, i.e., -depth affects tests specified before it as well as those specified after it.  Please specify global options before other arguments.
find: unknown predicate `-9'

** No datasets found -- making up something **
 Timeseries.1D = 0 files read
 .[tc]sv data  = 0 files read
Path(s) to be searched for plugins: 
/opt/mri_software/linux_ubuntu_16_64 /opt/mri_software/linux_ubuntu_16_64/../lib 

 Plugins       = 50 libraries read
 write compress= GZIP

There appears to be a problem with the construction of the find command invoked by afni.
I’m running afni on:

Distributor ID:	Ubuntu
Description:	Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
Release:	20.04
Codename:	focal

Hi, Colm-

Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed, one ‘find …’ command appeared to be badly formed. I just pushed a change with that fix, and will aim to do a build tonight.