AFNI binaries: available for Windows 10; new binary for Ubuntu 16.*.


In a remarkable state of affairs, AFNI is available now on Windows systems-- specifically, on Windows 10 via their “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows” (BoUoW, an acronym with an appropriate level of elegance) thingamajig. Instructions for setting up AFNI on such systems is described here:
This is pretty new stuff for us, so any feedback would be useful.

For more classically minded folks, the installation of AFNI on Linux systems has been updated a bit, too. Installing on Ubuntu 16.04 can now be done more straightforwardly using a newly available set of binaries, as described here:
This set of binaries will likely work with later Ubuntu versions as well (but I believe that 16.04 is currently the most modern LTS, so likely that would be the most prevalent).

–The AFNI Building Guild

ps: if you are just reading this now, note that you could have heard about all this last week if you were subscribing to the AFNI Digest:,154890,154890#msg-154890