afni/afni container problem

I just started using this afni container and my preprocessing pipeline seemed to be working just fine until I reached I get an error where it claims that it can’t find the base. I attempted to run with a few other bases but I am getting the same error. What might be behind this difficulty in finding the base images? Note: I am fairly new to the container world.

Thanks in advance for your time

Ah It must have been some sort of issue when I loaded it (not sure if that is the proper term). I have the same container in another location and it contains a ./Templates folder with the templates but this is not the case in the other container file.

OK, great. Glad that was resolvable.


Well even in the other container it can’t find the base for some reason but I am simply inputing a path to a place were I have the templates (not a real solution but it works).