About 3dfim+

Hello AFNI gurus and fellow AFNI n00bs;

When I use 3dfim+, it gives this message:

This program (3dfim+) is very old, may not be useful, and will not be maintained.

But I couldn’t find which program I should use instead. Do you have any recommendations?



Indeed, that message in the program should be updated to something more useful…

I believe 3dTcorr1D is the program you are after:

Usage: 3dTcorr1D [options] xset y1D
Computes the correlation coefficient between each voxel time series
in the input 3D+time dataset 'xset' and each column in the 1D time
series file 'y1D', and stores the output values in a new dataset.


If you have the single waveform as a row and not a column in a text file FILE.1D, you can transpose it and store the results in a file called FILE_T.1D with the following:

1dcat FILE.1D\' > FILE_T.1D

Also, for finding programs in AFNI, certainly asking on the MB is good, as done here, but this list of programs by approx. classification might also help:


Got it, thanks!