A weird problem regarding quality controls

Hello dear AFNI gurus;

After I batch preprocessed my data (usual for subj in bla-bla) using afni_proc.py and running the scripts generated by it, I realized an unusual problem. When I looked at the QC files, the information about motion was same across ALL subjects.

motion limit : 0.3
num TRs above mot limit : 7
average motion (per TR) : 0.103047
max motion displacement : 1.41946
average outlier frac (TR) : 0.00366303

It was the same with @ss_review_basic and @ss_review_driver. Other values look fine, TSNR, GCOR etc. they are different. errts files are different. How can all 63 subjects have the same average motion? I used the same script for a different group of subjects a few weeks ago and it was fine then. What am I missing?


Okay I think I understood the problem. Somehow I marked right anatomical datasets but gave the same epi dataset to all subjects when setting up afni_proc.py. I couldn’t delete my initial post though.