A problem about SUMA

I am a new-hand in using AFNI&SUMA, here is a problem I met when I used SUMA.
I need to draw ROIs with SUMA for next experiment step, but I found there is no flat-sample for TT_N27 model, so I change to demo model which was introduced in the handbook.pdf to carry on and what I got is my experiment results couldn’t match so well with it. I was confused whether there is no flat model with TT_N27, I have tried every method I know but failed to create a flat style for TT_N27. Is there any ways can solve this problem? Thank you so much.


There is a TT_N27 set of surfaces available for download here:

… and if when you have the SUMA viewer in the forefront and your mouse over the screen, hit the period “.” key to toggle through different views, including the a flat view.

List of suma keystrokes is here:
and the SUMA PDF here has more info:


Hi pt,

Thank you for you help, I have downloaded this ‘tgz’ file you give me and followed what you told next step, but still I couldn’t take a flat view.

I checked the TT_N27 file and I found 6 kinds of style it could be showed: white view, sphere view, inf_200 view, smoothwm view, pial view, inflated view, here(pic 1&2) are thoes files I found in TT_N27 that included, but no flat view, I checked demo folder and I found flat view script, whether is there no flat view for TT_N27?

Thanks a lot.


We have not yet created a flat map version in the latest version of these surfaces. You can do this yourself by following the instructions here: