"A" key in SUMA no longer toggling map transparency?

Hello! In SUMA, I usually visualize my surface maps with the “A” key toggle so my activation maps are opaque on top of the gyri. However, the A key no longer seems to be doing anything – I still get a notification “SUMA_A_Key: Modulation by background intensity ON / OFF” in the terminal, but the maps don’t change (the maps are partially transparent so you can see the gyri through them). I have restarted my computer and SUMA several times. Is this a bug or something new that’s been implemented? Is there another way to toggle the map opacity programmatically or through the GUI other than the “A” key? (The “B” toggle works for me but isn’t what I’m looking for - I still want the gyri outside of the activation).

Thank you for your help! This is for making the last figure of a paper so I can’t really change to visualizing them another way.


Wilma Bainbridge, PhD
University of Chicago

Hello AFNI gods:

I am experiencing the same issue that Wilma outlined, on my machine as well.
My suma and afni versions are as follows:
suma: Compile Date: Oct 20 2021
afni: Precompiled binary macos_10.12_local: Oct 20 2021 (Version AFNI_21.3.04 ‘Trajan’)

Did something change recently — or is this some new incompatibility with new MacOS version (Catalina - 10.15.7 (19H1419))?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom on this. :slight_smile: