3dUndump for ROI

Hi, I’m trying to make ROI mask of MT area with functional localizer.
I’ve done preprocessing and 3dDeconvolve, and am looking at the result in afni.
I loaded the bucket file generated in 3dDeconvolve and put #0 Full-Fstat in both Olay and thr.
With this, I clusterized and made a table with xyz peak coordinate, and wanted to make sphere roi because one part of the cluster will be used.
So I just used 3dUndump with the part’s peak coordinates, which has no error.
But when opening the output in afni, there’s no red sphere.
Have you seen like this problem?

Did you use the -srad option to set the sphere radius?

Yes, I did. The command line was “3dUndump -srad 8 -master sbj1_MT_B5+tlrc. -orient RAI -prefix mask_rMT -xyz peakXYZ.txt”.
In the peakXYZ.txt file, “49.5 70.5 8.5” were written.

Thank you

That looks about right to me. Did you use “Jump to xyz” in the afni GUI?

Oh my goodness. The sphere was behind the cortex.
Thank you so much!