3dttest++ with singleton

Hi all

It appears to me that adding -BminusA to a 3dttest++ command using -singletonA has no effect on the output volume, even though the text output of the program says “results are SetB - sngltnA”. Can you reproduce this? my commands were:

3dttest++ -singletonA stats.p1+tlrc’[3]’ -setB “stats.s*HEAD[3]” -prefix PvsC

3dttest++ -singletonA stats.p1+tlrc’[3]’ -setB “stats.s*HEAD[3]” -BminusA -prefix PvsC_BminusA

For me, there is no different in the output volume. In the meantime I can use 3dcalc to get the file in the other direction but thought it might be useful to point this up.

Thanks in advance.


Oops. I’ve now fixed this (one extra line of code for the -singletonA case). Source code is checked in, but won’t be compiled into the binaries until later this week.

Thanks a lot Bob!