3dNetCorr - Whole-Brain Maps

Hello all,

I’m having an issue with 3dNetCorr that I believe might be AFNI version [Precompiled binary linux_openmp_64: Sep 4 2016 (Version AFNI_16.2.16)] and/or machine dependent. Basically, everything appears to have run correctly and without error but the whole-brain (i.e. WB_Z_ROI_XXX.nii) maps are “empty” and approximately 2KB in size. It’s particularly confusing because the other files, including the .netcc file, look normal.



Hmm, there was a dark period in 3dNetCorr’s history where it returned all 0s for the Z-score WB maps. From the history:
this was fixed in November:

23 Nov 2016, P Taylor, 3dNetCorr, level 2 (MINOR), type 4 (BUG_FIX)
    Z-score WB maps were all zeros-> now have values.

    Hopefully even the correct Z-values.

I’m pretty sure that that would be the cause of this badness. So, probably the best bet would be to update your AFNI version, and let me know what happens?


Sorry for the late response, this was indeed the problem!


Glad that solved it.