3dMVM problem with input files

Hi AFNI Experts,

I’m running a 3dMVM with 304 participants and several between subjects variables. I get the following error during the reading of input files:

** Error:
Problem with input files! Two possibilities: 1) There is a specification error
with either file path or file name. Use shell command ‘ls’ on the last column in the
data table to find out the problem. 2) At least one of the input files has different
dimensions. Run “3dinfo -header_line -prefix -same_grid -n4 *.HEAD” in the directory
where the files are stored, and pinpoint out which file(s) is the trouble maker.
Replace *.HEAD with *.nii or something similar for other file formats.

I have double checked the file paths and file names and they are correct. I have also double-checked the input file dimensions and they are all the same. I’m not sure what else could be causing this error in reading in files. Any help would be appreciated!


Juliann Purcell

Juliann, could you show your script (with a couple of lines from the data table)?

Hello Gang,

Below is the script with just the first three participants from the datatable. Thank you for your quick response!

3dMVM -prefix /data/project/KnightResearch/JBP_Scratch/REST/3dMVM_alctraj_NAccWB_3.25.20 -jobs 2
-mask /data/project/KnightResearch/JBP_Scratch/REST/GM_Mask/NewGM+tlrc
-bsVars ‘Eta0alc+Eta1alc+Qalc+ScanAge+Income+eduMRI+Scanner+AA+Male+c2tann+impulse+BinCan+BinTC+BinDrug’
-qVars ‘Eta0alc,Eta1alc,Qalc,ScanAge,Income,eduMRI,c2tann,impulse’
-resid /data/project/KnightResearch/JBP_Scratch/REST/Alctraj_NAccWB_resid_3.25.20
-SS_type 3
Subj Eta0alc Eta1alc Qalc ScanAge Income eduMRI Scanner AA Male c2tann impulse BinAlc BinCan BinTC BinDrug InputFile
002WAVE -1.0820 0.4410 -0.020 21 17 19.00 0 1 1 3.50 0.00 1.00 0.00 1.00 0.00 /data/project/KnightResearch/WAVE_RO1/002WAVE/AFNI/New_MNI_103019/002WAVENRtimeseries_R1_MNI+tlrc
003WAVE -1.1460 0.5280 -0.014 17 1 11.00 0 1 1 2.00 0.00 0.00 1.00 0.00 1.00 /data/project/KnightResearch/WAVE_RO1/003WAVE/AFNI/New_MNI_103019/003WAVENRtimeseries_R1_MNI+tlrc
004WAVE -1.1730 0.4860 -0.014 17 12 11.00 0 1 0 3.50 0.00 1.00 1.00 0.00 0.00 /data/project/KnightResearch/WAVE_RO1/004WAVE/AFNI/New_MNI_103019/004WAVENRtimeseries_R1_MNI+tlrc \

Does each input file have one or more sub-bricks? If they have multiple sub-bricks, you need to specify which sub-brick to use.