3dMVM output

Hi AFNI experts,

I am very new to AFNI and have been muddling my way through code. Now I have (another) very simple question: How do I view 3dMVM output?
My 3dMVM code is shown below. Sbd stands for amygdalar subdivisions, of which I have 6.

3dMVM -prefix output -jobs 10
-bsVars “DTS+IQ+Age+FD+Sex+DiRace”
-wsVars Sbd
-qVars “DTS,IQ,Age,FD”
-mask greymatter.nii
Subj DiRace Sex Age DTS IQ FD Sbd InputFile

All the output I received was one Output+tlrc BRIK, one Output+HEAD file and six 1D files (one for each of of my subdivisions). However, all the 1D files were empty. Is this expected? How do I view these output files now?

Are your input files in NIfTI format? If so, consider specifying the output file as

-prefix output.nii

What exactly are those input files?

Yes - input files are .nii

I’ll give re-specifying the output file a shot. Thank you

Example input files are below for one participant (#xxx). Each participant has 6 input files: one file for each amygdala seed. They are zmaps of connectivity between amygdala seed and whole brain.

/prot/457/DistressTol/restout/group_analysis/inputfiles/sub-xxx_task-rest_run-01_zmap_seed-RSF.nii \

Do you still get those 1D files in the output?

Sorry for the last response -

using a .nii output worked! I didn’t get those 1D files again.