3dMVM model specification

Hi Gang et al.,

I am trying 3dMVM for a repeated-measures ANOVA where I have 3 within-subjects factors (A, B, C), and no between-subjects factors:

3dMVM - prefix rm_mvm
- jobs 8
- bsVars 1
- wsVars ‘ABC’
- dataTable
Subj A B C InputFile
… … … … …
… … … … …

I have 20 subjects, A has 4 levels, B has 2, C has 3. All are nested in the table. For a first try, I did not include any glt.

I got this error: " Model test failed! Possible reasons: 1) … 2) … … 5) … Quitting due to model test failure …"

I have a few questions:

  1. Is ABC the same as A+B+C+A:B+A:C+B:C+A:B:C ? I actually got the same error with the latter. How can specify such model in 3dMVM?
  2. How can I specify ‘Subj’ as a random effect in the model? In 3dLME I see the option -ranEff but I don’t know whether this option can be used for 3dMVM.

Thanks for your help.

Duong, could you post the whole context on the terminal when you run the 3dMVM script?

Hi Gang,
Please see below.

cd /home/duong/share
3dMVM -prefix rm_mvm -jobs 8 -bsVars 1 -wsVars ABC -dataTable Subj A B C InputFile s1 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_1_1_1+tlrc s1 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_1_1_2+tlrc s1 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_1_1_3+tlrc s1 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_1_2_1+tlrc s1 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_1_2_2+tlrc s1 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_1_2_3+tlrc s1 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_1_1_1+tlrc s1 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_1_1_2+tlrc s1 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_1_1_3+tlrc s1 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_1_2_1+tlrc s1 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_1_2_2+tlrc s1 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_1_2_3+tlrc s1 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_1_1_1+tlrc s1 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_1_1_2+tlrc s1 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_1_1_3+tlrc s1 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_1_2_1+tlrc s1 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_1_2_2+tlrc s1 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_1_2_3+tlrc s1 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_1_1_1+tlrc s1 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_1_1_2+tlrc s1 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_1_1_3+tlrc s1 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_1_2_1+tlrc s1 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_1_2_2+tlrc s1 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_1_2_3+tlrc s2 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_2_1_1+tlrc s2 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_2_1_2+tlrc s2 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_2_1_3+tlrc s2 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_2_2_1+tlrc s2 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_2_2_2+tlrc s2 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_2_2_3+tlrc s2 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_2_1_1+tlrc s2 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_2_1_2+tlrc s2 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_2_1_3+tlrc s2 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_2_2_1+tlrc s2 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_2_2_2+tlrc s2 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_2_2_3+tlrc s2 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_2_1_1+tlrc s2 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_2_1_2+tlrc s2 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_2_1_3+tlrc s2 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_2_2_1+tlrc s2 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_2_2_2+tlrc s2 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_2_2_3+tlrc s2 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_2_1_1+tlrc s2 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_2_1_2+tlrc s2 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_2_1_3+tlrc s2 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_2_2_1+tlrc s2 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_2_2_2+tlrc s2 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_2_2_3+tlrc s3 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_3_1_1+tlrc s3 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_3_1_2+tlrc s3 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_3_1_3+tlrc s3 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_3_2_1+tlrc s3 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_3_2_2+tlrc s3 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_3_2_3+tlrc s3 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_3_1_1+tlrc s3 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_3_1_2+tlrc s3 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_3_1_3+tlrc s3 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_3_2_1+tlrc s3 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_3_2_2+tlrc s3 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_3_2_3+tlrc s3 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_3_1_1+tlrc s3 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_3_1_2+tlrc s3 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_3_1_3+tlrc s3 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_3_2_1+tlrc s3 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_3_2_2+tlrc s3 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_3_2_3+tlrc s3 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_3_1_1+tlrc s3 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_3_1_2+tlrc s3 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_3_1_3+tlrc s3 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_3_2_1+tlrc s3 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_3_2_2+tlrc s3 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_3_2_3+tlrc s4 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_4_1_1+tlrc s4 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_4_1_2+tlrc s4 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_4_1_3+tlrc s4 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_4_2_1+tlrc s4 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_4_2_2+tlrc s4 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_4_2_3+tlrc s4 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_4_1_1+tlrc s4 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_4_1_2+tlrc s4 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_4_1_3+tlrc s4 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_4_2_1+tlrc s4 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_4_2_2+tlrc s4 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_4_2_3+tlrc s4 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_4_1_1+tlrc s4 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_4_1_2+tlrc s4 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_4_1_3+tlrc s4 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_4_2_1+tlrc s4 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_4_2_2+tlrc s4 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_4_2_3+tlrc s4 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_4_1_1+tlrc s4 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_4_1_2+tlrc s4 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_4_1_3+tlrc s4 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_4_2_1+tlrc s4 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_4_2_2+tlrc s4 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_4_2_3+tlrc s5 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_5_1_1+tlrc s5 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_5_1_2+tlrc s5 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_5_1_3+tlrc s5 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_5_2_1+tlrc s5 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_5_2_2+tlrc s5 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_5_2_3+tlrc s5 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_5_1_1+tlrc s5 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_5_1_2+tlrc s5 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_5_1_3+tlrc s5 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_5_2_1+tlrc s5 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_5_2_2+tlrc s5 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_5_2_3+tlrc s5 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_5_1_1+tlrc s5 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_5_1_2+tlrc s5 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_5_1_3+tlrc s5 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_5_2_1+tlrc s5 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_5_2_2+tlrc s5 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_5_2_3+tlrc s5 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_5_1_1+tlrc s5 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_5_1_2+tlrc s5 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_5_1_3+tlrc s5 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_5_2_1+tlrc s5 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_5_2_2+tlrc s5 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_5_2_3+tlrc s6 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_6_1_1+tlrc s6 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_6_1_2+tlrc s6 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_6_1_3+tlrc s6 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_6_2_1+tlrc s6 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_6_2_2+tlrc s6 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_6_2_3+tlrc s6 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_6_1_1+tlrc s6 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_6_1_2+tlrc s6 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_6_1_3+tlrc s6 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_6_2_1+tlrc s6 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_6_2_2+tlrc s6 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_6_2_3+tlrc s6 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_6_1_1+tlrc s6 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_6_1_2+tlrc s6 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_6_1_3+tlrc s6 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_6_2_1+tlrc s6 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_6_2_2+tlrc s6 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_6_2_3+tlrc s6 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_6_1_1+tlrc s6 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_6_1_2+tlrc s6 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_6_1_3+tlrc s6 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_6_2_1+tlrc s6 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_6_2_2+tlrc s6 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_6_2_3+tlrc s7 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_7_1_1+tlrc s7 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_7_1_2+tlrc s7 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_7_1_3+tlrc s7 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_7_2_1+tlrc s7 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_7_2_2+tlrc s7 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_7_2_3+tlrc s7 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_7_1_1+tlrc s7 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_7_1_2+tlrc s7 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_7_1_3+tlrc s7 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_7_2_1+tlrc s7 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_7_2_2+tlrc s7 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_7_2_3+tlrc s7 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_7_1_1+tlrc s7 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_7_1_2+tlrc s7 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_7_1_3+tlrc s7 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_7_2_1+tlrc s7 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_7_2_2+tlrc s7 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_7_2_3+tlrc s7 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_7_1_1+tlrc s7 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_7_1_2+tlrc s7 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_7_1_3+tlrc s7 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_7_2_1+tlrc s7 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_7_2_2+tlrc s7 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_7_2_3+tlrc s8 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_8_1_1+tlrc s8 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_8_1_2+tlrc s8 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_8_1_3+tlrc s8 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_8_2_1+tlrc s8 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_8_2_2+tlrc s8 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_8_2_3+tlrc s8 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_8_1_1+tlrc s8 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_8_1_2+tlrc s8 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_8_1_3+tlrc s8 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_8_2_1+tlrc s8 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_8_2_2+tlrc s8 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_8_2_3+tlrc s8 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_8_1_1+tlrc s8 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_8_1_2+tlrc s8 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_8_1_3+tlrc s8 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_8_2_1+tlrc s8 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_8_2_2+tlrc s8 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_8_2_3+tlrc s8 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_8_1_1+tlrc s8 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_8_1_2+tlrc s8 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_8_1_3+tlrc s8 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_8_2_1+tlrc s8 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_8_2_2+tlrc s8 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_8_2_3+tlrc s9 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_9_1_1+tlrc s9 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_9_1_2+tlrc s9 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_9_1_3+tlrc s9 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_9_2_1+tlrc s9 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_9_2_2+tlrc s9 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_9_2_3+tlrc s9 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_9_1_1+tlrc s9 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_9_1_2+tlrc s9 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_9_1_3+tlrc s9 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_9_2_1+tlrc s9 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_9_2_2+tlrc s9 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_9_2_3+tlrc s9 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_9_1_1+tlrc s9 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_9_1_2+tlrc s9 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_9_1_3+tlrc s9 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_9_2_1+tlrc s9 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_9_2_2+tlrc s9 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_9_2_3+tlrc s9 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_9_1_1+tlrc s9 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_9_1_2+tlrc s9 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_9_1_3+tlrc s9 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_9_2_1+tlrc s9 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_9_2_2+tlrc s9 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_9_2_3+tlrc s10 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_10_1_1+tlrc s10 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_10_1_2+tlrc s10 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_10_1_3+tlrc s10 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_10_2_1+tlrc s10 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_10_2_2+tlrc s10 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_10_2_3+tlrc s10 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_10_1_1+tlrc s10 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_10_1_2+tlrc s10 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_10_1_3+tlrc s10 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_10_2_1+tlrc s10 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_10_2_2+tlrc s10 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_10_2_3+tlrc s10 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_10_1_1+tlrc s10 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_10_1_2+tlrc s10 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_10_1_3+tlrc s10 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_10_2_1+tlrc s10 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_10_2_2+tlrc s10 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_10_2_3+tlrc s10 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_10_1_1+tlrc s10 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_10_1_2+tlrc s10 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_10_1_3+tlrc s10 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_10_2_1+tlrc s10 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_10_2_2+tlrc s10 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_10_2_3+tlrc s11 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_11_1_1+tlrc s11 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_11_1_2+tlrc s11 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_11_1_3+tlrc s11 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_11_2_1+tlrc s11 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_11_2_2+tlrc s11 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_11_2_3+tlrc s11 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_11_1_1+tlrc s11 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_11_1_2+tlrc s11 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_11_1_3+tlrc s11 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_11_2_1+tlrc s11 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_11_2_2+tlrc s11 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_11_2_3+tlrc s11 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_11_1_1+tlrc s11 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_11_1_2+tlrc s11 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_11_1_3+tlrc s11 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_11_2_1+tlrc s11 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_11_2_2+tlrc s11 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_11_2_3+tlrc s11 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_11_1_1+tlrc s11 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_11_1_2+tlrc s11 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_11_1_3+tlrc s11 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_11_2_1+tlrc s11 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_11_2_2+tlrc s11 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_11_2_3+tlrc s12 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_12_1_1+tlrc s12 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_12_1_2+tlrc s12 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_12_1_3+tlrc s12 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_12_2_1+tlrc s12 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_12_2_2+tlrc s12 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_12_2_3+tlrc s12 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_12_1_1+tlrc s12 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_12_1_2+tlrc s12 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_12_1_3+tlrc s12 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_12_2_1+tlrc s12 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_12_2_2+tlrc s12 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_12_2_3+tlrc s12 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_12_1_1+tlrc s12 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_12_1_2+tlrc s12 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_12_1_3+tlrc s12 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_12_2_1+tlrc s12 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_12_2_2+tlrc s12 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_12_2_3+tlrc s12 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_12_1_1+tlrc s12 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_12_1_2+tlrc s12 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_12_1_3+tlrc s12 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_12_2_1+tlrc s12 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_12_2_2+tlrc s12 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_12_2_3+tlrc s13 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_13_1_1+tlrc s13 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_13_1_2+tlrc s13 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_13_1_3+tlrc s13 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_13_2_1+tlrc s13 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_13_2_2+tlrc s13 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_13_2_3+tlrc s13 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_13_1_1+tlrc s13 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_13_1_2+tlrc s13 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_13_1_3+tlrc s13 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_13_2_1+tlrc s13 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_13_2_2+tlrc s13 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_13_2_3+tlrc s13 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_13_1_1+tlrc s13 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_13_1_2+tlrc s13 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_13_1_3+tlrc s13 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_13_2_1+tlrc s13 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_13_2_2+tlrc s13 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_13_2_3+tlrc s13 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_13_1_1+tlrc s13 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_13_1_2+tlrc s13 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_13_1_3+tlrc s13 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_13_2_1+tlrc s13 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_13_2_2+tlrc s13 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_13_2_3+tlrc s14 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_14_1_1+tlrc s14 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_14_1_2+tlrc s14 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_14_1_3+tlrc s14 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_14_2_1+tlrc s14 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_14_2_2+tlrc s14 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_14_2_3+tlrc s14 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_14_1_1+tlrc s14 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_14_1_2+tlrc s14 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_14_1_3+tlrc s14 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_14_2_1+tlrc s14 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_14_2_2+tlrc s14 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_14_2_3+tlrc s14 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_14_1_1+tlrc s14 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_14_1_2+tlrc s14 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_14_1_3+tlrc s14 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_14_2_1+tlrc s14 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_14_2_2+tlrc s14 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_14_2_3+tlrc s14 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_14_1_1+tlrc s14 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_14_1_2+tlrc s14 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_14_1_3+tlrc s14 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_14_2_1+tlrc s14 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_14_2_2+tlrc s14 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_14_2_3+tlrc s15 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_15_1_1+tlrc s15 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_15_1_2+tlrc s15 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_15_1_3+tlrc s15 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_15_2_1+tlrc s15 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_15_2_2+tlrc s15 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_15_2_3+tlrc s15 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_15_1_1+tlrc s15 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_15_1_2+tlrc s15 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_15_1_3+tlrc s15 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_15_2_1+tlrc s15 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_15_2_2+tlrc s15 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_15_2_3+tlrc s15 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_15_1_1+tlrc s15 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_15_1_2+tlrc s15 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_15_1_3+tlrc s15 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_15_2_1+tlrc s15 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_15_2_2+tlrc s15 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_15_2_3+tlrc s15 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_15_1_1+tlrc s15 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_15_1_2+tlrc s15 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_15_1_3+tlrc s15 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_15_2_1+tlrc s15 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_15_2_2+tlrc s15 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_15_2_3+tlrc s16 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_16_1_1+tlrc s16 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_16_1_2+tlrc s16 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_16_1_3+tlrc s16 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_16_2_1+tlrc s16 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_16_2_2+tlrc s16 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_16_2_3+tlrc s16 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_16_1_1+tlrc s16 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_16_1_2+tlrc s16 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_16_1_3+tlrc s16 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_16_2_1+tlrc s16 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_16_2_2+tlrc s16 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_16_2_3+tlrc s16 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_16_1_1+tlrc s16 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_16_1_2+tlrc s16 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_16_1_3+tlrc s16 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_16_2_1+tlrc s16 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_16_2_2+tlrc s16 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_16_2_3+tlrc s16 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_16_1_1+tlrc s16 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_16_1_2+tlrc s16 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_16_1_3+tlrc s16 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_16_2_1+tlrc s16 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_16_2_2+tlrc s16 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_16_2_3+tlrc s17 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_17_1_1+tlrc s17 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_17_1_2+tlrc s17 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_17_1_3+tlrc s17 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_17_2_1+tlrc s17 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_17_2_2+tlrc s17 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_17_2_3+tlrc s17 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_17_1_1+tlrc s17 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_17_1_2+tlrc s17 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_17_1_3+tlrc s17 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_17_2_1+tlrc s17 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_17_2_2+tlrc s17 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_17_2_3+tlrc s17 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_17_1_1+tlrc s17 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_17_1_2+tlrc s17 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_17_1_3+tlrc s17 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_17_2_1+tlrc s17 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_17_2_2+tlrc s17 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_17_2_3+tlrc s17 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_17_1_1+tlrc s17 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_17_1_2+tlrc s17 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_17_1_3+tlrc s17 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_17_2_1+tlrc s17 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_17_2_2+tlrc s17 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_17_2_3+tlrc s18 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_18_1_1+tlrc s18 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_18_1_2+tlrc s18 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_18_1_3+tlrc s18 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_18_2_1+tlrc s18 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_18_2_2+tlrc s18 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_18_2_3+tlrc s18 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_18_1_1+tlrc s18 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_18_1_2+tlrc s18 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_18_1_3+tlrc s18 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_18_2_1+tlrc s18 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_18_2_2+tlrc s18 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_18_2_3+tlrc s18 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_18_1_1+tlrc s18 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_18_1_2+tlrc s18 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_18_1_3+tlrc s18 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_18_2_1+tlrc s18 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_18_2_2+tlrc s18 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_18_2_3+tlrc s18 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_18_1_1+tlrc s18 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_18_1_2+tlrc s18 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_18_1_3+tlrc s18 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_18_2_1+tlrc s18 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_18_2_2+tlrc s18 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_18_2_3+tlrc s19 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_19_1_1+tlrc s19 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_19_1_2+tlrc s19 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_19_1_3+tlrc s19 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_19_2_1+tlrc s19 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_19_2_2+tlrc s19 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_19_2_3+tlrc s19 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_19_1_1+tlrc s19 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_19_1_2+tlrc s19 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_19_1_3+tlrc s19 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_19_2_1+tlrc s19 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_19_2_2+tlrc s19 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_19_2_3+tlrc s19 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_19_1_1+tlrc s19 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_19_1_2+tlrc s19 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_19_1_3+tlrc s19 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_19_2_1+tlrc s19 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_19_2_2+tlrc s19 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_19_2_3+tlrc s19 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_19_1_1+tlrc s19 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_19_1_2+tlrc s19 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_19_1_3+tlrc s19 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_19_2_1+tlrc s19 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_19_2_2+tlrc s19 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_19_2_3+tlrc s20 c1 no r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_20_1_1+tlrc s20 c1 no r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_20_1_2+tlrc s20 c1 no r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_20_1_3+tlrc s20 c1 yes r1 subrick13L_hs/ds_20_2_1+tlrc s20 c1 yes r2 subrick13L_hs/ds_20_2_2+tlrc s20 c1 yes r3 subrick13L_hs/ds_20_2_3+tlrc s20 c2 no r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_20_1_1+tlrc s20 c2 no r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_20_1_2+tlrc s20 c2 no r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_20_1_3+tlrc s20 c2 yes r1 subrick16R_hs/ds_20_2_1+tlrc s20 c2 yes r2 subrick16R_hs/ds_20_2_2+tlrc s20 c2 yes r3 subrick16R_hs/ds_20_2_3+tlrc s20 c3 no r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_20_1_1+tlrc s20 c3 no r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_20_1_2+tlrc s20 c3 no r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_20_1_3+tlrc s20 c3 yes r1 subrick19U_hs/ds_20_2_1+tlrc s20 c3 yes r2 subrick19U_hs/ds_20_2_2+tlrc s20 c3 yes r3 subrick19U_hs/ds_20_2_3+tlrc s20 c4 no r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_20_1_1+tlrc s20 c4 no r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_20_1_2+tlrc s20 c4 no r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_20_1_3+tlrc s20 c4 yes r1 subrick22D_hs/ds_20_2_1+tlrc s20 c4 yes r2 subrick22D_hs/ds_20_2_2+tlrc s20 c4 yes r3 subrick22D_hs/ds_20_2_3+tlrc
Loading required package: lme4
Loading required package: Matrix
Loading required package: lsmeans
Loading required package: estimability

Welcome to afex. For support visit: http://afex.singmann.science/

  • Functions for ANOVAs: aov_car(), aov_ez(), and aov_4()
  • Methods for calculating p-values with mixed(): ‘KR’, ‘S’, ‘LRT’, and ‘PB’
  • ‘afex_aov’ and ‘mixed’ objects can be passed to lsmeans() for follow-up tests
  • Get and set global package options with: afex_options()
  • Set orthogonal sum-to-zero contrasts globally: set_sum_contrasts()
  • For example analyses see: browseVignettes(“afex”)

Attaching package: ‘afex’

The following object is masked from ‘package:lme4’:


Loading required package: car
Loading required package: carData

***** Summary information of data structure *****
20 subjects : s1 s10 s11 s12 s13 s14 s15 s16 s17 s18 s19 s2 s20 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 s8 s9
480 response values
4 levels for factor A : c1 c2 c3 c4
2 levels for factor B : no yes
3 levels for factor C : r1 r2 r3
0 post hoc tests

Contingency tables of subject distributions among the categorical variables:

, , C = r1


A no yes
c1 20 20
c2 20 20
c3 20 20
c4 20 20

, , C = r2


A no yes
c1 20 20
c2 20 20
c3 20 20
c4 20 20

, , C = r3


A no yes
c1 20 20
c2 20 20
c3 20 20
c4 20 20

Tabulation of subjects against each of the categorical variables:

lop$nSubj vs A:
      c1 c2 c3 c4
  s1   6  6  6  6
  s10  6  6  6  6
  s11  6  6  6  6
  s12  6  6  6  6
  s13  6  6  6  6
  s14  6  6  6  6
  s15  6  6  6  6
  s16  6  6  6  6
  s17  6  6  6  6
  s18  6  6  6  6
  s19  6  6  6  6
  s2   6  6  6  6
  s20  6  6  6  6
  s3   6  6  6  6
  s4   6  6  6  6
  s5   6  6  6  6
  s6   6  6  6  6
  s7   6  6  6  6
  s8   6  6  6  6
  s9   6  6  6  6

lop$nSubj vs B:

  no yes

s1 12 12
s10 12 12
s11 12 12
s12 12 12
s13 12 12
s14 12 12
s15 12 12
s16 12 12
s17 12 12
s18 12 12
s19 12 12
s2 12 12
s20 12 12
s3 12 12
s4 12 12
s5 12 12
s6 12 12
s7 12 12
s8 12 12
s9 12 12

lop$nSubj vs C:
      r1 r2 r3
  s1   8  8  8
  s10  8  8  8
  s11  8  8  8
  s12  8  8  8
  s13  8  8  8
  s14  8  8  8
  s15  8  8  8
  s16  8  8  8
  s17  8  8  8
  s18  8  8  8
  s19  8  8  8
  s2   8  8  8
  s20  8  8  8
  s3   8  8  8
  s4   8  8  8
  s5   8  8  8
  s6   8  8  8
  s7   8  8  8
  s8   8  8  8
  s9   8  8  8

***** End of data structure information *****

Reading input files now...

Reading input files: Done!

If the program hangs here for more than, for example, half an hour,
kill the process because the model specification or the GLT coding
is likely inappropriate.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Model test failed! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Possible reasons:

0) Make sure that R packages afex and phia have been installed. See the 3dMVM
help documentation for more details.

1) Inappropriate model specification with options -bsVars, -wsVars, or -qVars.
Note that within-subject or repeated-measures variables have to be declared
with -wsVars.

2) Incorrect specifications in general linear test coding with -gltCode.

3) Mistakes in data table. Check the data structure shown above, and verify
whether there are any inconsistencies.

4) Inconsistent variable names which are case sensitive. For example, factor
named Group in model specification and then listed as group in the table header
would cause grief for 3dMVM.

5) Not enough number of subjects. This may happen when there are two or more
withi-subject factors. For example, a model with two within-subject factors with
m and n levels respectively requires more than (m-1)*(n-1) subjects to be able to
model the two-way interaction with the multivariate approach.

** Error: 
   Quitting due to model test failure...