3dMVM Getting Stuck


I set up a 3dMVM to run, with 85 subjects and 2 between-subjects factors.

I ran it on a cluster, with 10 jobs, and it got slower and slower, until it finally got stuck at z-slice 69.

The first few slices took seconds to process, and then, by Slice 25, it was 4 minutes, by Slice 50, it was 8 minutes, and after Slice 69, 5.5 hrs after it started, it froze.

Does anyone know what I am up against? Am I running into memory limitations? Storage space limitations? Does 3dMVM have troubles with large numbers of subjects?

Thanks in advance,

Jim Waltz

The memory is allocated at the beginning. So more likely something happened to the computer. Maybe kill the job, and restart it.

Hi- I increased the number of jobs to 16, and it only got as far as Slice 35. Is there a way that I can manually allocate more memory, or use less memory for my MVM? Again, I am including 85 subjects in my analysis, with two between-subjects factors (one with 3 levels, one with 2). Functional images are 101 128 x 128 slices, but the mask has about half that many voxels in it.

Functional images are 101 128 x 128 slices

What kind of data do you have: FMRI or something else? What is the voxel size?