3dMVM : FATCAT statistical analysis

Hi AFNI experts,

So I have a slightly complicated problem, which I’m hoping I can get help solving.
I’ve been using FATCAT to perform my functional connectivity analysis, however, when I get to the statistics part (3dMVM) I get errors. It seems that I can’t perform this on a large dataset.

To give you an idea of my dataset: I have 750 subjects that I’m studying and 4 functional networks for each and each network has 7 ROIs, which I realize can be computationally intensive. I want to make comparisons between my healthy and depressed patients.

My question is what other approach can I use to perform a statistical analysis if it’s not 3dMVM? And what should I do?

I was thinking of doing an ROI comparison test of some sort, but I was told to try and combine ROI’s to get a mean value for each network. I’m really confused.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, Sondos-

Hmm, I am a bit surprised that there would be memory/computer-limit issues with that small of networks, but it is possible.

What are the commands you are running, and the errors that you are receiving? Also, how much memory do you have on the particular computer that is being processed?