3dMVM error

I’m having trouble running a 3dMVM script using the robust option. I keep getting the following error:

Error in if (fm$converged) { : argument is of length zero
Calls: aperm → apply → FUN
Execution halted

This occurs at various times when I try to run it, sometimes right after reading the input files and sometimes all the way down at Slice 75. Most recently it stopped after Slice 12. I’ve run the same script without the ‘-robust’ option with no problem. AFNI is up-to-date (Version AFNI_20.0.24), and the R version I have is 3.6.3. I’ve pasted my 3dMVM script up to the first line of the data table below. Any help with this would be great.


3dMVM -prefix er_loc_p_neg_coded_ratio_sex_look_32y_3dmvm_robust -jobs 1 -robust
-bsVars “neg_ratio_coded+age+sex”
-qVars “neg_ratio_coded,age”
-num_glt 2
-gltLabel 1 neg_ratio_coded -gltCode 1 ‘neg_ratio_coded :’
-gltLabel 2 age -gltCode 2 ‘age :’
Subj neg_ratio_coded age sex InputFile
aa001 0 15 F …/stats.c.hc.aa001+tlrc’[Look.Negative_vs_Neutral_GLT#0_Coef]’ \

Kara, it looks like the robust regression model failed under some circumstances. I may have to ask you to upload a dataset that can demonstrate the issue so that I could diagnose the problem.

Thanks. Would you need just one of the input datasets?

If it is helpful information, I discovered that this error does not occur if the ‘-mask’ option is used.

I discovered that this error does not occur if the ‘-mask’ option is used.

In that case, it is most likely those voxels along the edge of the brain that caused the trouble for the robust regression model. So, masking already solved the problem.