3dMVM error

Hi,every AFNI experts

When I used 3dMVM to test my data, it occur this error message:
Read 305 items
Error in outList[[1]][[n]] : subscript out of bounds
Calls: process.MVM.opts → gl_Constr
Execution halted

I want to to do a ttest between 2 conditon(eyes open and eyes closed within subject), but thess data from two dataset(scan1,scan2).So I wrote a code like:
3dMVM -prefix ECvEO -jobs 2
-bsVars “Scanner”
-wsVars Condition
-num_glt 1
-gltLabel 1 ECvEO -gltCode 1 ‘Condtion : 1Conditon : 1EC -1*EO’
-dataTable @data_table \

In addition, my data_table is like:
Subj scanner condition InputFile \
s1 scan1 EC s1_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s2 scan1 EC s2_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s3 scan1 EC s3_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s4 scan1 EC s4_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s5 scan1 EC s5_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s6 scan1 EC s6_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s7 scan1 EC s9_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s8 scan1 EC s10_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s9 scan1 EC s11_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s10 scan1 EC s12_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s11 scan1 EC s13_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s12 scan1 EC s14_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s13 scan1 EC s15_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s14 scan1 EC s16_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s15 scan1 EC s17_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s16 scan1 EO s1_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s17 scan1 EO s2_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s18 scan1 EO s3_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s19 scan1 EO s4_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s20 scan1 EO s5_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s21 scan1 EO s6_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s22 scan1 EO s9_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s23 scan1 EO s10_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s24 scan1 EO s11_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s25 scan1 EO s12_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s26 scan1 EO s13_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s27 scan1 EO s14_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s28 scan1 EO s15_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s29 scan1 EO s16_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s30 scan1 EO s17_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s31 scan2 EC subj01_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s32 scan2 EC subj02_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s33 scan2 EC subj03_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s34 scan2 EC subj04_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s35 scan2 EC subj05_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s36 scan2 EC subj06_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s37 scan2 EC subj07_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s38 scan2 EC subj08_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s39 scan2 EC subj09_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s40 scan2 EC subj10_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s41 scan2 EC subj11_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s42 scan2 EC subj12_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s43 scan2 EC subj14_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s44 scan2 EC subj16_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s45 scan2 EC subj17_EC_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s46 scan2 EO subj01_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s47 scan2 EO subj02_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s48 scan2 EO subj03_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s49 scan2 EO subj04_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s50 scan2 EO subj05_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s51 scan2 EO subj06_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s52 scan2 EO subj07_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s53 scan2 EO subj08_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s54 scan2 EO subj09_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s55 scan2 EO subj10_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s56 scan2 EO subj11_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s57 scan2 EO subj12_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s58 scan2 EO subj14_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s59 scan2 EO subj16_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \
s60 scan2 EO subj17_EO_DC_full_MeanR+tlrc \

Thank you for your help!

Change the following line

-gltLabel 1 ECvEO -gltCode 1 ‘Condtion : 1Conditon : 1EC -1*EO’ \


-gltLabel 1 ECvEO -gltCode 1 ‘Conditon : 1EC -1EO’ \

Thanks for your advice! But after changing the line as you said, it still occur the same error.

Read 305 items
Error in outList[[1]][[n]] : subscript out of bounds
Calls: process.MVM.opts → gl_Constr
Execution halted

OK, Change

-gltLabel 1 ECvEO -gltCode 1 ‘Conditon : 1EC -1EO’ \


-gltLabel 1 ECvEO -gltCode 1 ‘conditon : 1EC -1EO’ \

Thanks again!

But after I change the line, ti still occurs error.Is it my R problem?

Alright, I failed to recognize that you had a couple of misspellings in your original script!

One more try: Change

-gltLabel 1 ECvEO -gltCode 1 ‘conditon : 1EC -1EO’ \


-gltLabel 1 ECvEO -gltCode 1 ‘condition : 1EC -1EO’ \

Thanks you!

Aafter change the line you wrote, the 3dMVM works very well