3dmerge image size


When I do 3dmerge the image of size 1gb file becomes 1.5gb (rs-fMRI). They are still float32. I am a bit confused, I appreciate if anyone have any ideas why this is happening.

Here is the line of code I am using.

$ 3dmerge -1blur_fwhm 4.0 -doall -prefix /path/out/fmri_fn_blur /path/to/fmri

Thank you,

Hi, Roza-

Are these BRIK/HEAD files, or NIFTI files? And are they compressed or not? Can you please show the output of the following:


\ls -l DSET1 DSET2


3dinfo -n4 -prefix DSET1 DSET2

C) … and this will be a longer output for your dsets, 1 value per time point:

3dinfo -datum -prefix DSET1 DSET2