3dmaskave on multiple ROIs (out of order)

I want to run a 3dmaskave call on two ROIs whose numerical labels aren’t next to each other (so I don’t think -mrange would work) I’m trying to combine anterior/posterior hippocampal ROIs. so for example the posterior hippocampus is 13 and the anterior hippocampus is 19, and I want to combine them to make a full hippocampus ROI.

Is there a way to do this without making new ROI masks? if I wanted to combine data from 13 and 14 I could use the -mrange option, but since they’re not I’m not sure what the easiest solution is and would appreciate any help!

If you just want to save disk space, a mask can me made
as part of most AFNI commands by naming the dataset
starting with 3dcalc, as in:

3dmaskave -mask '3dcalc -a ROIs+tlrc -expr amongst(a,13,19)' INPUT+tlrc

Putting the entire 3dcalc expression in quotes is important.

Does that seem like what you might want?

  • rick