3dLocalstat Error No-stat options given?

Good afternoon,

I am trying to run 3DLocalstat on AFNI I wrote 3dLocalstat (filename) -nbhd ‘SPHERE(3)’ -stat mean -automask -prefix (outputname) but the error message below appeared,

FATAL ERROR No -stat options given?

But I have inserted the -stat commands in the line. Is there any way to solve this problem?

Thank you very much.


Hi, Jacob-

I think the code syntax is incorrect. The input filename has to be at the end of the list of command line options and arguments, like:

3dLocalstat  -nbhd 'SPHERE(3)' -stat mean -automask -prefix DSET_OUTPUT DSET_INPUT

How does that work for you?


Hi pt,

Thnaks it worked! It result in a +orig.BRIK file, how do I open and see this file? Thanks again


AFNI I/Os BRIK/HEAD format, as well as NIFTIs. If you would like the output to be a NIFTI file, then just include that extension in the output file prefix, such as:

3dLocalstat  -nbhd 'SPHERE(3)' -stat mean -automask -prefix DSET_OUTPUT.nii.gz DSET_INPUT

Just to note, there are some useful getting-to-know-AFNI and general MRI/FMRI analysis teaching materials here:
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