Hi AFNI developers,
We ran 3dLME, the script is attached below. Then, we got error as “Quitting due to model test failure…”. The study design is attached as a picture. Could you please help why there is such error?
Thanks a lot!

3dLME -prefix age_diff_fc -jobs 24
-model “AntPost*Age+meanFD”
-qVars “Age,meanFD”
-qVarCenters “6.63,0.20”
-SS_type 3
Subj AntPost Age meanFD InputFile
HMN001 0 7.84 0.13 z_want_hipp_HMN001.nii.gz
HMN002 0 8.56 0.15 z_want_hipp_HMN002.nii.gz
HMN003 0 7.26 0.21 z_want_hipp_HMN003.nii.gz
HMN004 0 7.24 0.1 z_want_hipp_HMN004.nii.gz
HMN005 0 8.85 0.23 z_want_hipp_HMN005.nii.gz
HMN006 0 8.84 0.1 z_want_hipp_HMN006.nii.gz
HMN007 0 7.75 0.14 z_want_hipp_HMN007.nii.gz
HMN008 0 7.84 0.15 z_want_hipp_HMN008.nii.gz

Possible reasons:

0) Make sure that R packages nlme and phia have been installed. See the 3dLME
help documentation for more details.

1) Inappropriate model specification with options -model, or -qVars.

2) In correct specifications in general linear test coding with -gltCode.

3) Mistakes in data table. Check the data structure shown above, and verify
whether there are any inconsistencies.

4) Inconsistent variable names which are case sensitive. For example, factor
named Group in model specification and then listed as group in the table hader
would cause grief for 3dLME.

** Error:
   Quitting due to model test failure...


Fengji, could you explain what kind of variable is ‘AntPost’? Is it a within- or between-subject factor? How many levels?

-ranEff’~1+meanFD’ \

The above line should be (you need to add a space before the first quote):

-ranEff ‘~1+meanFD’ \

Hi Gang,

After inserting a space, the script starts running normally.
AntPost means anterior and posterior hippocampus, so it is 2 levels.

Thank you very much!